With a long history in the food game, Gem Foods Pty Ltd was established in 2006 and continues to import Fine Foods to the Food service Industry.


This follows many years dedicated to our retail business Villa Super Deli in which we were heavily involved in the buying and importing of quality pastas, tomatoes and olive oils. We have since become the primary importer of Villa Olive Oil, offering affordable prices to our loyal customers in over 100 stores.

Gem Foods is an Australian family-owned enterprise with broad knowledge and experience in the distribution of fine traditional Italian foods. Our appreciation of the delightful flavours of our heritage, creates our passion to make them available for all to enjoy.

Our strength is our people and we take great pride in providing to the many local businesses who we consider our greatest assets.


The story begins in Barcelona, Sicily, with¬†Nunzio’s Grandmother, Maria Grazia Randazzo, who started a family business in 1945. A boutique style grocer serving the locals the fine tastes of traditional Italian Foods and local quality fruits. Passionate about food and family they took pride in building relationships with their customers to last a lifetime.


Fairfield west, Nunzio’s parents Girolamo and Antonietta opened their first corner store.


Villa Super Deli opened its doors for business. The La Guzza family expanding their store to cater for the locals with fine delicatessen meats and imported products. Loyalty and Honesty have proven to be their best policy as over the years they built a trust and friendship with their loyal customers and suppliers that will last a lifetime. Villa Super Deli closed their doors in 2012.


Nunzio decided to move forward and focus on what he was very passionate about, importing fine foods from Italy. Together with his wife Mary, Gem Foods Pty Ltd was established. Supplying products through many retail channels around Australia. Their brand, Villa, can be seen on the shelves of the biggest supermarkets all the way down to the smallest delicatessen on the corner. Their office and warehouse is located in Smeaton Grange, Sydney. They stand behind the Villa brand, ranging from oils, tomatoes and legumes. These can be found in many Australian households. With a wide distribution of a large range of cakes, biscuits, coffee, gnocchi and many other lines, Gem Foods is on the pulse of consumer needs. Passion and dedication to supplying quality goods are the driving forces behind Gem Foods.


Today Gem Foods are located in Smeaton Grange in a state of the art warehouse facility.